18 July, 2007

im not quite sure when ive been more excited to see a movie.

Hairspray is coming out this friday (along with the seventh literary installment of Harry Potter but thats another post entirely). im sooooooooooooooo excited! like (and please notice i just used the word like) you have no idea. the songs the style im watching Oprahs special on the movie right now (cos John Travolta is like her best friend or whatever) and i nearly started crying. i dont think ive ever gone middle school girl on something entertainment-y before. i never went through the boy-band phase...most of my friends did, i dont go ga-ga over celebs (tho i do read People every week) so this feeling of ridiculous excitement is new


in other news.....friendship bread is AMAZING! ive got my own bag started. yay!

HAIRSPRAY see it. love it. i mean really John Travolta in drag! Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfieffer, Christohper Walken......PLUS that kid from High School Musical!

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  1. so are you going to be this crazy tom. night...because I night have to sit somewhere else during the movie :) oh and im so glad i never went through the boy-band phase HAHA