17 July, 2007

had fun in searcy this weekend. got to see a wonderful production of "you're a good man charlie brown" twice....for free! and got to spend some time with friends, a much needed break in a summer full of camp and mission trips and me.....by myself.
being back in searcy made me jealous, i couldve had a job there...and found somewhere to live im sure. been with friends all summer and been near the theatre...im lonely without anything to do..i dont really feel like myself without it.

a good friend came back home and im excited to spend some time with her. even though we both attend college in the same state an hour away from each other, we dont get to spend alot of time with each other because of our very involved school and socila lives.

last night i went out for much-needed sushi with my new friend ben (hes moved down here from mississippi to go to southeastern) then we drove around aimlessly for awhile and went to an improv comedy show which was immensely funny (sometimes they have off nights, but they were definetly on!)

whats going on with you?

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