25 May, 2007

ten things you didnt know about me until you read this entire post

10. when i was little and heard the term "assault and battery" i thought people were really getting hit with batterries.....like the c or d size those are HUGE
9.i have a secret love for those cheesy teen murder novels....dont ask
8.i really think that all people have the capacity to be good and i will trust them until that has been proved wrong to me
7. i dont like to take pictures but later i am sad that i dont have many
6. i wish i were more stylish, and could pull of more that just jeans and a t-shirt
5. i really do think dusty rush is a cool guy
4. i REALLY want to give my kids a really long name.....mainly cos i think after two kids im stopping....so like five or six names.....but i wont. becuase thats mean (this wont happen for a LONG time tho people)
3. sometimes i think the people on tv can hear me. or at least i pretend REALLY hard
2. ive never been on a mission trip. not because i dont want to go but everytime the opportunity has risen, its never worked out
1. i wish my middle name was just jean (sorry daddy) but im ok with being a mustard


  1. I knew it! I knew it all along! You do love me. Now I just have to get Carmen to confess.

  2. people on TV can't you ? aw man ...

  3. sorry, this should say
    People on TV can't hear you ?