09 January, 2011

Crushes, even tiny little ones , make life difficult. I even prayed about it. Thats right, I asked God to take these feelings away because Im not ready and Im sure the feelings aren't reciprocated. I guess now isn't the time He wanted them gone. Oh well.

In other news. I am looking for a second job. I was planning on doing this anyway, just a few hours somewhere but cutbacks at work have made it priority because student loans won't pay back themselves. Its amazingly ridiculous how expensive life is. Im not paying rent and I am still broke every month! Of course, one day I won't have to worry about all these bills. They will be paid back and I will be a happy camper....with other bills but hopefully no more than basic living expenses.

At the end of this week Im going to Florida! So excited to spend the weekend worshipping, learning and spending time with some of my favorite people. Weekends like this are always a great encouragement to me! Even if the beach will be freezing cold, we are staying in some NICE condos and will still be in Florida. Where will YOU be?

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