29 April, 2009

Things I learned from Sex and the City

(don't worry, these will be clean)
So, I have spent this last week in mostly, with nothing big planned watching the ENTIRE series of SATC. I laughed, cried and learned with them and I often wondered if SJP would ever button her shirt down past her bra line. Seriously, you aren't a lyrical dancer, buttons are there for a reason.
But I digress, the most important thing I learned was that everyone deserves the best friends. The kind that know you, the kind that you can lean on and that will lean on you. The kind that will both avoid and address topics that could hurt you and the kind that refrain from saying "I told you so" and will hold you when you cry.
I learned that it is ok to shop your feelings away (this was merely confirmed)
I learned that relationships can look wonderful on the outside but be terrible on the inside
I learned that people can and cannot change. It depends both on their willingness and the type of person they are
I learned that if people aren't willing to change, there is little reason to put faith in them
I learned that no matter how insignificant it seems, a broken crush still needs time to grieve
and lastly I learned exactly why my mother won't allow us to watch this show in the house hahahahahaha!

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