26 March, 2009

Walking Away

If I left
Who would miss me? clearly not them, im not worth the thought
Its not terribly drastic, just a jump on my career.
What I want to do will not require a degree, it will not matter in the long run

I have a lot to think about this summer


  1. Courtney! I'll miss you! Although I understand your thoughts because I've definitely been there before, you will be better off if you stay. It gets hard at times but you'll be happy if you stick it out. <3

  2. the other people will miss you though.
    the people that make harding worth while will miss you.
    also, leaving now will leave you without a college degree. and i know that you dont need a degree to make costumes, and you dont think that its important. but it is. its not the degree that will matter, it is the fact that you have a degree that will matter.

    i love you, WE love you, and you can stick it out one semester. you can do it

  3. Courtney.
    It's really difficult sometimes.
    But you have to stick it out.
    One more semester...and then you leave and miss everyone here so much you'll cringe at the thought that you ever wanted to get up and cut your time here short.
    Plus, I care about you. A freaking lot. People I can talk to like I do you are few and far between, my friend.

    It's the climb....(had to end on a light Miley note)

  4. DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I actually have been considering trying to graduate early...but this semester I've really seen what this time in college means for us. I don't want to cut that short...and I bet you don't either. I wish I was with you now, but since I'm not...here's a giant e-hug. Love you bunches. I'll be home soon, I promise.