06 February, 2009

There's something Ive been meaning to say

And something I think you ought to tell me
but its rude to ask
which is dumb
so I wont

but, hey
yeah. YOU
I don't honestly know what I would do without your encouragement or your friendship. You have challeged me, made me see things, changed my perspective on the world!
Did you know you had that impact on/in my life?
Well, you do now. I kinda look up to you. I say that not to give pressure, but to tell you that I at least think you are doing something right.
Do you know that you are a precious child in God's kingdom? That he loves you with everything that is love? Well, he does! Please, don't forget that. It is too lonely in this world to be without love.

I don't know for sure who reads this on a regular basis....but for certain if your name is on the blogroll, this is for you. And if it isn't, and we are friends, its yours too.


  1. i read this too!!
    and i love you!

  2. aww...C i love you! and i miss you SO much. I wish you were here with me enjoying the wonderful city and especially the amazing food! You are truly a blessing in my life. I don't have many close friends at Harding, but you are one that I can always count on. I'm working on the pictures...i swear! LOVE YOU.