01 February, 2009

Sometimes I really just want to throw a tantrum because it isn'fair. Life isn't fair. Second chances are given, first ones are never recieved. People try to figure out who they are and it backfires, people suppress their true feelings and it backfires. Cheaters prosper and the nice guy(or girl) really does come in last.

I know that my life is blessed by the people in it and the opportunities that I have been given and by a wonderfully amazing and forgiving God. I know that if life really were fair, that the wages of sin is death. I know that.

But I would like life to be fair and to give me my chance, my turn.

there's nothing wonderful about being a "late bloomer"

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  1. you know what? You really are wonderful. I am so glad we live together. Just know that I'm here for you and I admire your relationship with God and I pray that I grow closer to you. I see God in you every day. It is truly a blessing. I love you.