13 February, 2009

So this is awkward.

Ive never been moved to tears that I don't have a valentine.
Its never bothered me that much?
I used to try and give gifts to others because it made me feel better. Because I always hate it when I don't get anything. But I don't get anything and it sucks. I really wish I could sleep saturday away.

However, my bff rebekah is coming from conway to visit and we are going to eat and talk and shop. because thats what single ladies do.......


  1. Single ladies also dance. With Beyonce. Please do that as well.

    Julie and I are going to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate our singleness. Y'all are welcome to join us! :p

  2. in reference to your comment on my blog
    "..thanks?? haha"

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

    single or not!!!