02 November, 2008


Pledge week is over and i now have thirty new ZP sisters! I love them, they are a great group of girls with tender, God-fearing hearts. Im so happy that its over though! It was a long week and, naturally Im sick! Its something that I have to slow down to get over....so I guess its just this for a while.

im in a show
i don't think that its hit me yet....that i get to act onstage........as a real character! maybe ill get excited once i get the accent down? or when i figure out what the crap everyone is wearing? or once i think im actually fit for this part?

Michelle is here visiting! Its nice cos we haven't seen her in a year (not kidding) and although its a short visit, its still a visit :)

My counseling sessions are slowing down. This is the first week in a long time that I won't have one. The pressure is off a bit but at the same time, its been such a wonderful outlet. My neutral ground to talk. Im scared of Tuesday without it. I don't know what to do right now. Its like falling.....the sessions have been that branch, just over the ledge that I can swing back up on and I don't know what to grab hold of just now....

this is now a rather long post but i wanted to post these lyrics....they encompasse qualities i hope to have...hope to live.

Diligently we seek the Lord for virtue,
striving to find the truth of His word.
Steadfastly we pursue the path of Godliness,
sharing in brotherly kindness and Christian love.
For we are sisters united by the son,
bonded by the name of Zeta Rho.
Free to be ourselves yet free to be as one.
For we are sisters united by the son!


  1. You get to act! I am excited to hear about this. What sort of character are you? Do you get to wear a chip-bag on your head and dance with scarves from a treetop?

    No role is complete without those elements.

  2. I am the Mom in "The Monkeys Paw" did you ever read that story in school? and unfortunately there are no trees and chip-bags didn't exist. :( I know how upset you must be to hear that my role isn't complete but fear not.....i get a window to CONSTANTLY look out of!