29 September, 2008

im so tired of couple crap. it seems like (emphasis on the seems) everyone else is able to find someone to have. but not me….heaven forbid it seems. I know that with being a couple you end up doing things with other couples and I want to be happy for them being all happy and stuff but I feel sooo left out. the ugly, fat third wheel that is ok to hang out with maybe during the week, but come Friday night its couples skate only. and that hurts. a lot. I don’t want to be the whiny friend that demands attention….because who wants to be that? but I don’t want to be ignored. its such an awkward time to be a single girl here .its frightening to think that ill be leaving here to start life once more…..but alone.
heres the funny part…..its all jealousy! I cant wait until I get the chance to do couple stuff…….its something im looking forward to.

my stomach still hates me. i thought we were making such wonderful progress........


  1. I know how you feel girl. I've definitely been there...a lot! Contentment is such a simple thing that is so hard to attain. Trust in God and his perfect timing. He has bigger plans for you than some lame couples skate, I promise! He has the adventure of a lifetime waiting for you. All you have to do is put down the pen and let him write the story. Trust me! I love you, and I am always here for a girls night on the weekends. I'm not a Harding couple either...but I like it that way!

  2. i love you! you are such a wonderful friend. i am so glad that you have been here this semester with me. i really think God meant for us to be extra close this semester. it has benefited us both. i love you! you are WONDERFUL!!! don't forget it!

  3. I wish you wouldn't say those bad things about you, Courtney. I like you more than a little, to tell the truth.

    And if it makes you feel any better, you are not alone in being alone. Come to Spain, and we'll hang out and keep each other from being lonely.