01 April, 2008

my gargantuan Junior project will be performed tonight for my professors...who will tell me how i am doing and give me pointers on how i can change it

i am terrified that they will hate it. i KNOW that i am not a director but i really think that i have done my best.
and i know that my best is not enough

i sometimes wish there was a "back" button on life, i honestly may have spent less time in the theatre and more outside
or maybe i would have kept it as a minor
i dont know

im just so ready for this semester to be OVER! im so tired and ridiculously unorganized....even more so than i usually am and i hate it, i just dont have time to fix it.

1 comment:

  1. Reset buttons would be nice.

    But then, we're almost done. And I keep thinking, if I reset it, then I would have to go through three more months before a break.

    Thank God for summers.

    I love you.