06 April, 2008

7 days

in the movie "The Ring" it is supposedly the scary message at the end of this movie you watch......

in real life it is going to be the most time-consuming week of my life. not only is this a huge project that is needy (we have rehearsal EVERY SINGLE NIGHT this week and they are going to be LOOONNNNGGGG!) but im still a full-time student! Ive got two tests in the days following this weekend and i dont have many friends that will not be involved with this, so everyone is going to be talking about it, asking me questions and etc......

im stressed! ive gotten two pimples in the last 36 hours......which i am not happy about at all.

im having difficulties which shouldnt be happening, everything is seeming to be one big misunderstanding that i cant fix alone but i so desperately need to right now. i need to be the person that people look to for answers and be able to give them i want to know the perfect thing to do in every aspect of life today

my heart is breaking and theres no one
to kiss it and make it better

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  1. You will make it! It'll all work it. I know you are going to do a great job. I miss you and I can't wait to hear all about your directing adventures.