06 February, 2008

WOW! its been a really long time hasnt it?
i dont really know how to catch you up or anything......ill just say what i have to and move on ok :)

i have bronchitis. its painful. and keeps me up at night.
im lonely. its painful and......lonely?i have wonderful friends and all, i just never think they want to see more of me than they have to. I feel awkward around the ZP girls because i dont get to hang with them very much and my roommate now has a boyfriend (which is great...i mean they knew each other a week, but thats cool with me if its cool with them) which gives me large holes of time when im in my room. and im not really good at initiating things with others....so im in my room by myself ALOT cos we dont have suitemates or anything of the like......and, while being alone with your thoughts is good every now and again, its odd when it happens alot.
im overwhelmed! my classes are demanding of my time and its very trying to stay focused and alert in them at all times. Im keeping up rather well i believe, and in fact am working on being ahead *knocks on wood very severely* but its quite a different situation from what we had going in London! quite different indeed!
im exhausted. being the stage manager for a full-length show means alot more attention span than i have for most things in life! im doing better and cannot wait until i merely have to listen for cue lines to call the show!

alrighty, well thats all ive got for now. i hope you are all having a wonderful day!

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