25 February, 2008

my heart hurts so much right now. i feel betrayed and used and worthless. and i dont deserve to feel that way. at all ever. i wish i had enough sense of self to tell you these things but i cannot trust that you will listen. you want to be with him, fine. but why do i get punished because of it? do i no longer deserve more than a bumper sticker? becuase im worth more that that. so much more. and im finally beginning to see that, cant you?

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  1. You don't deserve it. Always remember your worth, Courtney. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. I know it hurts when those closest to you don't acknowledge it, but I'm glad you are starting to see just how much you are worth!

    I love you and as always, I'm praying for your situation. Give me a call sometime!