28 September, 2007

we're here!

finally, after 9 days of travel, we have arrived in London! our flats are nice, im on the fifth floor! brining luggage up was a night mare, and im sore from it, but i only have to do that once! though, we do have to climb them everytime we want back home. we are thinking about getting an abs of steel video to go along with our buns of steel that will come with the stairs at this place. you cannot get anywhere unless there is a flight of stairs. its silly....
i will try and post pictures up here every now and then...but mostly theyll be on facebook so...you should get one!
classes start tomorrow.....at 8.....in the morning! and then we have a tour of parliament. sunday we are goign to church adn then taking a coach tour of london! our internet connection is ok but my converters arent working so computer time will be limited :(

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