03 September, 2007

a week away from it all

so my past week was spent in Arkansas. if youll look back you see i spent the first weekend of it in conway and made my way to searcy on sunday.
lets just say that school is boring when everyone has class and rehearsal and- since its the beginning of the year and everyone has a good outlook on life and wants to do well, they want to do their homework-nobody has much time to spend with you! luckily i got to work some on costumes and i can honestly say that i nearly stayed, it made me so sad that i wont be there....and it didnt help that teachers were rubbing it in my face (ok, only a little but STILL!) i was only going to stay till thursday morning but then an old friend asked me to stay because he was playing in the HU football game (which we won) so i did with every intention of leaving friday morning. but o no, i woke up SICK and ended up staying one more day, which was nice. i got to have that little bit of extra time ya know? so i left saturday and made it in record time for me driving that alone ( i left at 930 and got home about 510) and then went to go see Fallen, a musical about the fall of Lucifer that several friends were in. It was powerful, had me and a couple of other people laughing and crying at the end. but i think the most powerful part was when God gave the angels laughter. God would make jokes and no one would laugh so finally he decided to give laughter, i guess i re-realized that God really did give us everything, even laughter and a sense of accomplishment for a job well-done.
anyway, i still havent had a chance to blow out candles :( but maybe ill just make a cake for that......

ive been busy and i leave in 15 days! so the busy-ness wont stop anytime soon!

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