18 September, 2007

leaving today!

yep thats right! the day we...and by we i mean me.....have all been waiting for!
i leave today for HUE.....ireland first, then London.
if you want to drop me a line
Courtney Myer
c/o Florida State University
99 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3LA

please pray today that everything goes well. I dont like planes. There are approx. 27 people flying today that attend Harding.

also, my friend Elaines' mom Jan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last May. This is after she had won her battle with breast cancer. She is not doing well at all. Mrs. Jan is very important to all of us Theatre people, she is our faithful accompniast and brings us comfort food and things like that. Elaine has been asking for prayers for a couple of days now, and i figured id ask yall too. so, say a prayer for her, shes in alot of pain right now and fighting as hard as she can.

ill write again when we get there!

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